Snow Removal Services in Oakville and Mississauga

While you may enjoy the thrill of winter sports or activities, snow can prove a hazard for your business. Make sure that you, your employees, your customers, and your clients can safely come and go without trudging through deep snow or slipping on black ice. Winter conditions can pose a serious liability in the form of safety hazards.

Whether you need us for parking areas, sidewalks, shipping and receiving bays, Dependable Lawn Care makes short work of wintertime woes with our dedicated commercial snow removal services. We cover all the angles to ensure you don’t have to, helping your business maintain compliance and a hiccup-free safety record.

What Do Our Commercial Snow Removal Services Include?

Rely on us for snow expertise and quality equipment that will provide a superior and safe experience. We know that everyone’s snow removal needs are different, which is why we offer various services for your property – feel free to select one, all, or any combination of them as per your requirements.
We can take care of the following:

Plowing Snow

We’ll get the deep snow out of the way quickly with our snowplows so that everyone can park and walk around safely.


We’ll get tricky snow piles or excess snow out of the way with our snow blowers.


Our snow shovelling services are trusted by many local business owners. Rely on us to clear your sidewalks and entrances quickly, effectively, and safely with our heavy-duty snow shovels.


Salting/de-icing is a necessary step to ensure that your sidewalks stay safe and walkable after we remove the snow. This is never overlooked, ensuring your business remains fully compliant with federal and provincial safety and hazard prevention regulations.

Benefits for Your Business

We’re here to keep your business’ exterior walkways, parking areas, and other similar spaces clean, meaning you don’t need to lift a finger and can focus on your internal operations. Below are just some of the perks associated with hiring an experienced, professional, and dependable snow removal team like ours at Dependable Lawn Care:

No More Safety Risks

Employees, customers, and/or clients who come to a snow-packed parking lot not only encounter parking issues but also potential injuries. Make sure that you protect them from injury with prompt, experienced snow removal services.

No More Wasting Time or Energy

Think you can shovel the snow yourself? That bites into your productivity and time at work. It’s also exhausting, which means after you’ve finished, you might have a hard time getting things done for your company. Instead of putting off important work projects, let our snow removal professionals do the hard work for you. Next time there’s a big storm in the forecast, you can admire the thick flakes falling rather than dread dealing with cleaning it up.

No Need to Buy or Store Your Own Equipment

If you or your workers routinely remove the snow from your business, then you must buy and store snow shovels, snowplows, and/or snow blowers. Instead, with help from a third-party snow removal company, you’ll have access to the latest equipment without having to buy or store it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer dedicated snow shovelling, salting/de-icing, snow-blowing, and plowing services upon request. Feel free to select one, all, or a combination of these based on your requirements.

Yes. From office buildings to warehouses and retail locations, as long as we can ourselves safely access everything you need cleared, we can take care of it. To discuss specifics regarding your property’s snow-clearing needs, get in touch with us today.

We use dependable, long-lasting equipment for optimal speed and efficiency. Our team arrives fully trained and experienced in how to operate machinery like snow blowers, and we know how to shovel properly.

Yes. This is part of our salting/de-icing services. Please reach out to us for specifics if required.

Not at all. Our team is careful, considerate, and treats every property we service as if it were our own. We don’t believe in simply rushing onto the next job – the work is done properly the first go-around. We also follow best practices for the purposes of safety, timeliness, and efficiency. If you have any concerns about more delicate parts of your property, such as areas with outdoor sculptures or signage, don’t hesitate to discuss them with us so we can ensure peace of mind.

Enjoy Winter Without Extra Work. Request Our Snow Removal Services Today!