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Dependable Lawn Care in Oakville – your go-to specialists for lawn maintenance. From top dressing, fertilization, mowing, aeration, and irrigation, we offer professional, quick, and efficient services for all your gardening needs.

If you require it, we also offer landscaping in Oakville.

Why Do You Need Lawn Care in Oakville?

Lawns add an earthy, welcoming charm to your property. They make it pleasant to inhabit the estate and help provide a short escape from the mundane indoor life. As such, maintaining your lawns in good condition enhances their charm and lets you experience the beauty of nature at close quarters.

At Dependable Lawn Care in Oakville, we offer unparalleled service that brings you manifold benefits of professional lawn maintenance.

No More Struggle with Regular Maintenance

We know gardening is a stressbuster. But sometimes, weeding can take the fun away from it. Dependable Lawn Care takes care of all your regular garden maintenance activities like weeding, fertilizing, irrigating, mowing, and trimming so that you can enjoy your much-awaited weekends gazing at the peaceful greenery with your family.

You can count on us to arrive at designated intervals and keep your lawn healthy and thriving. We could care for your lawn weekly or fortnightly – even monthly if you like – to ensure it looks the best it can.

No More Unsuccessful Plantations

Planting new saplings and taking care of them is a pet project for countless people. That said, it is understandable to encounter a few challenges along the way.

Maybe you struggle with understanding fertilizers or with the specific requirements of growing a plant. We help you make sense of the science of plantation and raising a sapling without letting your investments go to waste.

Dependable Lawn Care in Oakville adopts your lawn and takes care of new plantations with the help of our expert, in-house green thumbs. We raise each plant on your property with the highest level of care.

Holistic Lawn Care in Oakville

If you have had landscaping done in your yard, you will require the services of a professional to manage the large scope of work that your lawn will demand. It is essential to hire a professional for landscape care because this art usually involves working with special flora that has its own unique needs.

At Dependable Lawn, we have landscaping professionals who inform all our lawn care methods for such scapes.

We also have a full fleet of trained professionals who know the right methods to efficiently care for landscapes on a larger scale. We own state-of-the-art tools and equipment to get the job done swiftly and efficiently.

Excellent Aesthetics, All Year Round

The biggest advantage of letting Dependable Lawn Care maintain your outdoor landscaping is the excellent aesthetics you and your passers-by enjoy all year round.

You won’t need to deal with no-gardening days, overgrown weeds, unkempt, scraggly grass, wild-growing trees, or unclean cobblestones paths.

Every single day and year after year, your lawn will continue to look, feel, and smell beautiful, day in and day out. You can add new flora, or new features, whenever you wish for a change.

Better Curb Appeal

Keeping your lawns in top condition qualifies as one of the major factors influencing your property’s real estate listing price. The better curb appeal your property has, the higher price it will be dealt for. In fact, Realtor Magazine says that properties with well-kept lawns fetch a better price – 7% higher than their unkempt counterparts!

If you are envisioning the sale of your property sometime in the future, it is best to contact Dependable Lawn today for a full assessment of your outdoor landscape. We can scope up the work and get your lawns looking good as new.

Prevent Expenses

You may not imagine it, but unkempt or ill-maintained landscaping can create structural and health problems for your property.

Rot and mold are two of the most common problems that an unmaintained lawn poses for a property. If the growth of vegetation remains unchecked, it can sprout through the crevices in the flooring and disrupt the structural integrity of your estate.

You may need to deal with repair or upkeep expenses in the worst-case scenario of your ill-maintained landscaping in Oakville.

Let Dependable Lawn take care of keeping your plants where they are supposed to be.


1. When and how often should I water my lawn?

The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning between 6:00-10:00 am. Early morning grass watering helps you avoid the wet grass getting burnt in the hot afternoon sun and allows excess water to evaporate.

Most lawns require about 1 1/2 inches of water per week. Apart from this, several other factors, such as soil type, direct sun, slope, shade, and type of grass, influence how much and how often you need to water your lawn for the best results.

You will start noticing several signs if your lawn needs watering, including the following:

  • Blades will fold in half to save water
  • The lawn will turn a smokey blue-gray color
  • Footprints will remain visible on the lawn

As soon as you notice these signs in your lawn, water deeply at least once or twice a week to a maximum of one inch and for 20-30 minutes of watering time.

2. Is fertilizer important for the best lawn care in Oakville?

Yes, fertilizers offer the required nutrients for the soil and lawn grass and help it grow and flourish. Besides, fertilizers also play an important role in increasing shoot/root growth, maintaining the green color of grass, and resisting weeds, diseases, extreme temperatures, etc.

Ideally, the best lawn care in Oakville requires fertilizer to be applied at least three to four times yearly between April and November.

The other important aspects here are the fertilizer used, even application, and the rate it is applied.

3. What do you mean by top dressing and overseeding for lawn care in Oakville?

Overseeding and top dressing are effective treatments for lawn care in Oakville. The treatment involves spreading half an inch of topdressing soil on the grass or lawn and then spreading grass seed. The benefit of the treatment is the thickening of the lawn grass, and it also helps you prevent weed development.

Apart from this, topdress in lawn care also acts as a good fertilizer for lawn grass. Once this process is complete, a proper watering schedule is needed until lawn grass germinates and grows to three to five inches in height. This ensures that the seeds remain moist without dehydration.

4. Can I manage and control weeds in the lawn myself?

While you can surely control weeds in the lawn by pulling or digging the plants or grass out by the root, this method has several disadvantages. Among these are –

  • It is quite a demanding and labor-intensive process and can lead to back, knee, and shoulder injuries.
  • There is always a chance that any portion of the root that is left in the soil will grow back again.
  • Doing weed control on your own can disturb the soil around the weed due to uneven surfaces that can make it prone to erosion by water and wind, leading to a very uneven or bumpy lawn.
  • The entire process is very time-consuming.

It is best to consult a professional to create a healthy, beautiful, sustainable lawn and avoid these issues.

5. What are the best practices for mowing the lawn?

Mowing is one of the most critical aspects of maintaining a healthy, lush green, and good-quality lawn. Mowing increases the density of turf grass and helps you create an integrated lawn resistant to weeds.

To ensure the best results for landscaping in Oakville, it is important to follow proper lawn mowing practices, fertilization, and irrigation. Some of these practices include-

  • Always use sharp blades to mow your grass, and do it on the highest setting (four inches).
  • Set the height of your mower blades to about three inches, and only cut one-third off the top each time you mow grass.
  • Avoid wet grass mowing as this can lead to an uneven trim
  • Do not pick lawn grass clippings as you mow your lawn as they act as natural compost, thus adding essential nutrients back into your lawn
6. Is hiring a lawn care service provider worth it?

The ideal way to keep your lawn lush and healthy is to hire professionals such as Dependable Lawn, who offer expert lawn mowing, grass cutting, and other similar lawn maintenance services.

As an experienced lawn care service provider, we have the required expertise and resources in the form of high-quality equipment, years of experience, and qualified labor to help you with every lawn care need. This will ensure a professionally maintained, beautiful yard throughout the year without stress.

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