Weed & Feed Program

Did you know that there are several cool-season types of grass native to southwestern Ontario? These tend to do well during the spring and fall seasons, which is when outdoor temperatures happen to be lower (hence the term). When the warmer months come around, they can’t cope very well with the heat, especially during intense conditions such as droughts. To minimize this risk in the summertime, preventative measures need to be carried out as part of your lawn care plan.

That’s where we can shine here at Dependable Lawn Care with our turf Weed & Feed program. We’re able to maximize the potential of your yard even during the hottest months of the year, and we’re passionate about ensuring beautiful, lush results.

What Does the Weed & Feed Program Do?

The Weed & Feed program is ideal for cool-season grasses. It includes up to five dedicated treatments, which start around the middle of May and end by the middle of November. This service utilizes slow-release fertilization in the spring and fall, comprehensive weed control, the application of pre-and-post-emergent crabgrass solutions, and products to do away with pesky unwanted insects.

What Cool-Season Grasses Can be Found in Southwestern Ontario?

The most common cool-season grasses in this region include the following:

Kentucky Bluegrass                                      Bentgrass
Tall Fescue                                                      Perennial Ryegrass

Why Choose Dependable Lawn Care?

We’re committed to delivering best-in-class service, guaranteeing to reconnect and visit (if required) within 24 hours. 18 hours a day, six days a week, all season long, you can count on us! In addition, we carry out a visual lawn analysis that enables us to make a well-informed decision on which treatments are needed. This helps to address specific issues and conditions as every lawn is unique. We also ensure all our services are carried out by fully licensed, seasoned, and experienced lawn care technicians. Should you have questions or concerns after a treatment is complete, we’ll be the ones to answer the phone and happily assist.