Weekly Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance is an ongoing task to help promote a healthy lawn while maintaining your municipality’s property regulations (ie: grass shall not exceed a certain height and must be maintained). Maintenance can involve trimming the grass with a lawn mower, fertilizing, irrigation, aeration, and thatch control.


Mowing is an ongoing task that has to be done regularly throughout the lawn’s growing season. Typically, because of time constraints, a lawn is cut in a hurry without regard to proper technique (eg: cut short in order to minimize the number of times it must be cut throughout the season). This can cause damage and tremendous stress to the lawn. It is for these very reasons why it makes sense to retain the services of an expert that will properly cut and care for your lawn. Attention to care and detail will help promote a healthier, more dense and uniform coat ensuring an aesthetic quality to your entire lawn.

Frequency and Height

Frequency and height are two important considerations prior to mowing the lawn. In the best case scenario, the grass should be trimmed long at no more than one third its length. Trimming the grass at the highest point prevents weeds from growing. Longer grass is stronger grass!

Dependable Lawn Care uses well maintained equipment.

A well-maintained (sharp and balanced) blade cuts grass cleanly and evenly. A poorly maintained (dull) blade shreds grass, leaving it more susceptible to disease and in need of more nutrients to repair the damage. An unbalanced blade compounds the problem.