7 Essential Lawn Care Products

Whether you’ve just bought your first home with a backyard or want to learn how to care for your landscape so it looks as good as your neighbours, here are some of the essential lawn care products you’ll need to achieve the lawn of your dreams.

Lawn Mower

Of course, every homeowner with a patch of grass will need a lawnmower. There is a wide range of different types and sizes to choose from. Being able to adjust the height of the blades is an important step for maintaining your grass, so we recommend opting for one that is easy to maneuver and adjust the settings. Also, if it has a mulching option, this will benefit your grass by replenishing it with its own natural fertilizer.


Even if you do get a mower with a mulching option, you’ll still need another fertilizer to give it a thorough boost of nutrients to help the grass roots grow strong. Look for a natural, organic fertilizer that has compost in it. This will feed your lawn and give it the nourishment it needs.

Lawn Spreader

You can apply grass seed and fertilizer by hand, but this can end up taking a lot more time and effort, especially if you have a large surface of grass to cover. A lawn spreader will make this process faster and easier. Since it’s propped up on wheels, you simply fill it and roll it around the lawn to disperse the seeds. This will also help you coat the entire area without missing any patches.

A Sprinkler

Keeping the lawn hydrated is vital if you want it to grow thick and healthy. But it’s not always easy to find the time to water it manually with the hose. That’s why we recommend getting a sprinkler. Whether you prefer a built-in sprinkler or a standard one that hooks up the hose, make sure you choose one that can cover your entire lawn so you won’t have to constantly move it around every few minutes. Aim to water the grass every two or three days, giving it a deep and thorough soaking.

A Good, Sturdy Rake

Every lawn needs a sturdy rake that can remove all of the left-over debris from the winter so it doesn’t damage the grass beneath. Good quality lawn and leaf rakes are one of the most essential tools that are needed for fall and spring maintenance. We recommend looking for heavier, metal-based rakes that will do a good job and will last much longer than plastic ones.  


One handy tool that helps to create that well-manicured look is an edger. This can be used to neatly trim the grass all along the borders of your garden and hardscapes to add more definition throughout your landscape.


Most lawns will need to be aerated after the winter since the heavy snow and foot traffic typically leave the soil very tightly compacted. A lawn aerator machine helps to loosen the soil by puncturing holes all throughout the turf so that sunlight, water and nutrients can filter down properly to reach the deeper grass roots. 

These are just a few of the essential lawn care products that will help you achieve a beautiful lawn. But if you prefer to save yourself time, money and energy, hand over the work to our team at Dependable Lawn. With our experts, you can enjoy your landscape without the hassle. 


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