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Top 8 Lawn Care Tips By Professional Lawn Service Companies

When it comes to creating a beautiful home lawn and maintaining your ideal outdoor space, there’s much more to consider than simply choosing the perfect soil and grass for the area.

The real struggle for homeowners is how to keep the lawn looking its best.

To maintain a healthy and lush green lawn, you need a dedicated lawn maintenance routine with adequate time, resources, and effort to achieve the desired results.

Lawn care is an important task that involves a combination of various activities that you can either do yourself or get help from professional lawn service companies. 

Here we’ll share a few simple steps to help you keep a regular lawn care maintenance routine to improve both the beauty and health of your lawn.

Invest in Weed Control

One of the common challenges that homeowners in places like Oakville and Mississauga struggle with during lawn maintenance is keeping weeds out of their lawns.

To keep weeds from getting out of control, it’s important to invest in weed control by mowing, fertilizing, and deep watering your lawn regularly. Broadleaf weeds and crabgrass are among the most difficult ones to control.

To ensure they remain out of your lawn, hiring the best lawn care services is recommended, as they are better equipped to control such weeds.

Lawn treatment service professionals ensure the application of a precise formula of herbicide that kills difficult and stubborn weeds without causing any damage to your lawn.

Maintain a Weekly Routine of Mowing Grass

While maintaining a regular routine of grass cutting is important to maintain the health and aesthetics of your lawn, the height that the grass should be cut remains a tricky area to navigate for homeowners.

This is primarily because of different height requirements for varied grass types, which serve as natural or organic manure to help replenish the nourishment and fertility of your lawn.

The best way to tackle this situation is to hire a professional service provider for lawn care in Oakville. They’ll not only cut your lawn grass regularly but also ensure that the quantity of grass left is enough to prevent moisture loss and keep weeds from growing within your lawn.

Apart from this, another factor that determines the health of your lawn grass is the frequency of lawn mowing.

While decreasing the number of mowing instances runs the risk of exposing the ground, leading to patches at different places within the lawn, frequent mowing may lead to loss of nutrients.

Use Best Quality Lawn Fertilizers

Providing your lawn with proper nutrition is the first and foremost thing that you need to consider for a healthy lawn. Mastering the lawn fertilizing basics allows you to grow your best lawn ever.

Fertilizing or feeding your lawn not only enriches the soil but also creates a healthy environment for beneficial microorganisms, worms, and insects.

You can also hire professionals providing the best lawn care in Oakville to ensure your lawn is well-fed, has a deeper root system, and is better prepared for droughts.

Additionally, it’ll ensure that your lawn becomes more resilient to withstand pests, weeds, and winter stresses.

Fix Underlying Issues, If Any

To ensure a healthy and beautifully landscaped lawn, you need to identify and correct problems immediately.

Hiring qualified people for sod in Oakville, sod in Mississauga or other lawn-related services ensures that soil amendments are done as required to improve your lawn’s potential.

For instance, if you partner with the best lawn clean-up services, they will use lime to restore the soil’s pH so that the grass can draw on available nutrients.

The idea here is to tackle the hard spots first, followed by repairing the bare lawn patches. This includes measures such as simplifying patching using professional-grade fertilizer, making repairs by premixing premium grass seed and using protective wood mulch in a single product.

Aerate the Lawn If Necessary

This is especially relevant if your lawn is exposed to heavy traffic, such as frequent movement or lots of running and playing in the same spot, leading to soil compaction.

While spring is not the best time to aerate your lawn as aeration holes can allow weed seeds to germinate, you may require it if the soil in your lawn is compacted to the point that existing grass can’t grow.

Aerating your lawn helps you create openings in lawn turf that, in turn, allows water and air to penetrate the soil and reach the grassroots.

You can either do it yourself by renting a lawn aerator or outsourcing the job to a professional lawn maintenance service provider who does landscaping in Mississauga.

Understand the Best Grasses for Your Specific Region

Grasses specifically suited to their growing region can create beautiful lawns. Similar to shrubs or garden flowers, turfgrasses vary widely in areas, such as their climate preferences and tolerance levels for external conditions such as drought and shade.

For instance, most cool-season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, flourish in northern zones and peak in their growth during cool temperatures in fall and spring. Whereas warm-season grasses, such as Bermudagrass, mostly flourish and excel in warmer climates.

Choosing region-appropriate lawn grasses ensures that your lawn requires less water and other resources, including fertilizers and maintenance time.

One of the key benefits of choosing seed over sod in Oakville is the expanded choice of grass varieties you get with specific qualities. This ranges from durability and aesthetics to texture beneath bare feet.

Improve the Lawn’s Water Drainage System

Home lawns with poorly planned water drainage arrangements often struggle with waterlogging issues that can create troubles for homeowners. This can quickly spiral into various other complications, further deteriorating your lawn’s health.

Among the most common reasons for water build-up are the soil’s water absorption ability and the overall landscaping of the lawn.

For instance, if your lawn has thick thatches or compacted soil, it can prevent water from being absorbed. Therefore, the best thing to do is to aerate the lawn to improve the water flow.

If you’re collaborating with professionals offering good lawn treatment services, they will also suggest that the layout of the lawn should slope away from your house naturally.

In the absence of this, even the smallest dip can allow water to get collected in one place, causing damage to your grass and roots. In this case, they’ll suggest that you consider adding drains to divert rainfall away from your lawn to improve drainage.

Over-Seed the Lawn

Over-seeding is a lawn maintenance technique that even the best lawn clean-up services practice by covering the entire space with seed mixed with fertilizer in good quantity.

This helps specifically fill in damaged areas of the lawn while reducing the instances of weeds and moss growing in your lawn.

However, it’s important to aerate, mow, and water the lawn well before you start the process of seed application. You can also make use of spreaders available in the market to ensure that the seeds are distributed evenly across the lawn.

After you’re done seeding the lawn, you’ll need to keep it moist to ensure good germination. You’ll also need a top dressing to protect your seeds and offer adequate nourishment to your lawn. It’s best to perform this practice on an annual basis to maintain a nice-looking and healthy lawn.

To Conclude

If you wish to keep your lawn looking lush, green, and healthy, use these tips to check and maintain your lawn, along with getting rid of any unwanted surface debris, such as twigs and dead leaves.

Alternatively, you can partner with the best lawn care service in Oakville or the best lawn care in Mississauga to help you with more interesting tips and lawn care techniques.

You can also check out video tutorials of the best lawn care companies in Mississauga for tips on achieving a great-looking lawn in the long run.

Dependable Lawn Care in Oakville is one of the best lawn service companies with a wide range of lawn care services, including grass cut, recurring grass cut, and various other add-on yard work services.

Get in touch with us today to give your lawn the much-needed uplift it needs while saving time, effort, and money at the same time.


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