How Can You Boost the Value of Your Property with a Well-Maintained Lawn?

A healthy, green lawn does more than just beautify your home; it adds to the value of your home. It’s true! Much like a new coat of paint or updated fixtures, a well-maintained lawn enhances the curb appeal and helps potential buyers fall in love with your property – at first sight! Lawns are appealing to buyers not only because they are aesthetically pleasing but also because they extend the living area of a house, providing an ideal setting for outdoor recreation, entertainment, and relaxation.

Simply caring for your lawn with proper fertilization and maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your property’s value. Lawn care is a major service out of the entire bouquet of commercial property maintenance services. Even major renovations like kitchen and bathroom offer only about 75% to 100% returns on your investment. Whereas owing to the low cost of maintenance and high value of lawn care, simple lawn maintenance usually results in a 100% to 200% return on investment for property owners when they sell their property. In fact, as per several pieces of research, turf grass alone can amplify the value of a property by as much as 15%.

To maintain the lawn, following the below-mentioned steps can be helpful.

Avoid overwatering- Water your lawn during cooler hours, only once or twice a week, instead of a light sprinkling

Mowing- It is important to mow the lawn when the grass is dry to take off the stress of the turf. Use sharp mower blades and make sure you cut no more than one-third of the grass at once

Fertilization- Fertilize your lawn no less than once a year. The type and timing of fertilizer would depend on the variety of grass that has been used as well as the climate. You would have to consult a turf-expert for the same

Weed Control- The best shield against weeds is ensuring your lawn is thick. Lawn grasses will easily outgrow weeds as and when the conditions are in favor of the grass

These are a few simple steps that will ensure your lawn remains lush, green and healthy. But, it can be a tricky task for many people. You can always consult a lawn-maintenance specialist, who could help you with it. Specialists are armed with adequate knowledge related to lawn-maintenance and the required equipment. 

Commercial property maintenance experts never underestimate the importance of a well-maintained lawn. They know how much it can add to the value of the property in entirety. To get the best returns of your house or commercial property, make sure to have a healthy lawn that is aesthetically appealing.


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