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Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Winters

Winter lawn care basically includes a few things that you could do to ensure your lawn would be lush and beautiful, once spring is around the corner. Freezing cold temperatures and snow can be unforgiving to even the best lawn grass. Consequently, it is important to prepare your lawn for winters, which would help it get through the chilly season.


Lawn Maintenance Tips to be Followed in Winters!


Fertilize Your Lawn 


Do you know what are the three main nutrients required to keep the lawn healthy? They are Nitrogen for dense top growth, Phosphorus for root strength and Potassium for overall health. Lawns also need micronutrients such as iron, zinc, and others. Fertilizers supply these nutrients to plants. If you have warm-season lawns fertilize your grass in spring when the growing season is in full swing. Cold-season lawns should be fertilized during the fall. The ideal time is when the temperature is going down but the grass is still growing. Never use the fertilizer when the soil is frozen; it would serve no purpose and most of it would get washed away. Water your lawn, once you’ve spread the fertilizer to wash it off the grass blades and down to the soil.


Mow Your Lawn


As the temperature decreases, make sure to continue mowing your lawn until it just stops growing. You’d be moving into the late fall, irrespective of whether you have cool or warm-season lawns. While you do it, reduce the height of your mower and cut the grass shorter than usual. But, make sure not to cut it too short as it could encourage weeds and diseases that could contribute towards the formation of bare patches. If you notice any bare patches and problem areas in your lawn, hire professional lawn repair services.


Control Weeds


The most effective way of controlling weeds is by taking care of your grass. Healthy grass keeps new weed seeds from growing by shading the soil. During fall, you can dig up the weeds or employ spot-treat with herbicides. While you use herbicides, make sure to pay attention to specific temperature guidelines.


Aerate Your Lawn


To minimize thatch build-up, aeration is a very effective tool. The lawn prepares for winter in fall, which implies that it is enhancing its roots. Aerating also promotes root strength and renders its space to breathe and play down on thatch build-up.


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